Hey guys!!

Before I share with all of you more about myself, let me tell you about where I live. Before that, let me lay down the basis of sharing this with you guys. I don’t wish to indoctrinate my ideology and change what we have here, rather just a peek into my life and thoughts.

I live in one of the world’s most renounced countries, one where many dream to immigrate, one that I shall not name.

Many dream of setting up a business here, working here, basking in the benefits the government offers, settling and having a family here, and enjoying the convenient public transport system.

But being a youth here, I can tell that it isn’t all that golden. I can tell you the other side of the story, one that’s real and not as advertised. It isn’t all that glamours. This alleged utopia is built off of us.

The ‘fearlessness’ in investing in people is because of the careful planning in exploiting the talents and time those who grow up in the pressure cooker of a nation this is. Some of us believe that life is really like this because that’s how life has always been.

Some of us, youths, dream about living the clichéd American story, falling recklessly in love as a teenager. The glitz of driving down the beach into the sunset as an ignorant 18 year old who fell too deeply in love. To be too naive to acknowledge the inevitable split up and too blind to savior every moment of the sweet youthful affection until it all comes crashing down.

Others dream of living in the relaxed countryside of New Zealand raising sheep since a child. Or on the beach surfing the Balinese waves, only to come home to a traditional Indonesian dinner and not having a care in the world. Some dream to breath the freedom and fall into the allure of the great outdoors.

Here, we don’t get that privilege. Day in, day out, we are forced to study hard to get a scholarships, to work once we have free time – which we do not have. Get in to the best courses to get the most lucrative jobs is what we are ‘encouraged’ to do.

‘But what’s next?’ They never seem to answer.

There’s a class that teaches us values (which I strongly disagree that ethics is a subject that can be taught by lecturing) that those who teach us do not exhibit.

They teach us to be humane, yet they treat us like slaves.

Sure, there are some who are alright with living like this – in this fast paced society. But there are some who struggle to break free. I hear stories about dropouts who give up everything to pursue their dreams of being, say, a musician. However, that’s not even a choice here. There is literally no industry for budding, young singers to join, let alone flourish.

This all boils down to the human condition: what is one going to do with the rest of his life?

The stigma of having low-paying jobs, for example, working at an NGO, can be ascribed to the traits of this society of materialism.

So what can we do?

Well, being a doctor is by far the most popular option, followed by accountant and other office jobs.

But I’m not one of them. Thinking about living here for any longer than I have to always ruins my day. Yet, as a Christian, I’ve got to be a light, somehow. And I try to.

And this is what this blog is about, the great escape and beyond. So follow me on this great adventure and hopefully we’ll help each other grow as individuals and global citizens.

You might think that I’m being ludicrous about being so willing to give all this privilege up. There’s probably some truth in this argument, but we’re just young, dumb kids right?