Putting Yourself Back in Your Place: Raw, Unedited Conversations with God

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I Am God. 

Let that sink in for a while. 

I don’t think you understand the gravity of what I Am saying.

I Am God. 

I Am all that is around you. I Am all that has ever been. I Am all that will ever be. 

I Made all there is and never will be. 

I Am the creator of all things.

I don’t think you get it. I Am what holds the universe together. I Am He who stills the oceans and rages the tempests.

It is the essence of mine that keeps the world together. It is what that I stand for that keeps all that can never be together apart. 

Let that sink in. 

I made you. I Am in you. I Am you, but you are not me. 

Nothing is like me, I Am so far above that you cannot see me. 

Not only do I look into your soul, but I also stood below with you to look into your eyes.

I know all of you, and you will never know even my little finger. 

Since I Am who I Am, you are made to be who you are. 

It is only human to grow far away from me. But it is worship when you draw near to me; it is a supernatural bridge I have made for you to cross. 

Therefore, I know some things in your life aren’t going according to plan right now, but I need you to know that I got you, love. 

The supernatural, great ‘I Am’ has got your back. 

This unstoppable force has got you. 

This impenetrable fortress will keep you safe. 

So when I tell you that I will get you there, I will get you there, only if you are there—every day.

Only if you are there every day. Only if you are in the grind every day; advancing, reaching, and grasping for me every day. It is in the little bit that I know you love me because it was in every little thing I did that I did for you. It is in the little things, the things that you don’t give a second thought to. It is in the things that you don’t notice. It is in the mundane. It is in the things that you don’t even bat an eye at. 

For in every little thing, I did out of love.


It is in everything that you do, because all I did, I did for you. 

And if you do that, just that. Just this one thing, I will get you there. 

This aching desire to work towards you, God, burns. It burns. 

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