To Move Forward, You Need to Correct Your Now: Self-Development Lessons – Joshua 7:12

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Song of the Week

Song: Still by Hillsong Worship

When God wants you to change, you’ll know it. 

Maybe you did something wrong, and you didn’t admit it to anyone, not even yourself. You just let it slide by you and pretend it never happened. 

That’s not how God rolls. 

 God sees all and is all. 

Here’s a little bit of conventional wisdom for you: 

If you’ve done nothing wrong, there’s no reason to hide. 

When Life gets hard, what do you do? 

When things seem out of control, stop. 

Just stop yourself. 

Still, yourself and ask, “Is this because of me?”

Often, it is. 

It’s because of the selfish desires that we can’t see that are blocking us from moving forward. 

This could be our inability to make time for our loved ones or laziness to put in the extra mile in our jobs. 

How can our relationships advance if we don’t spend time together? 

How can we progress at our workplace if we don’t put in the time? 

How can you expect God to bless the seeds you never sowed? 

“12 That is why the Israelites cannot stand against their enemies; they turn their backs and run because they have been made liable to destruction. I will not be with you anymore unless you destroy whatever among you is devoted to destruction.”

– Joshua 7:12 NIV

That’s basically what Joshua 7 was all about. Someone did something wrong, and God prohibited them from moving on. 

So, let me ask a question you might be wondering:

Why does God have to nitpick every little thing on mine and just let me live? 

It’s ugly to hear, but it’s a real question you and I are thinking of. It’s not something we’d dare to say to God almighty who can smite you from a billion light years away.

But, it’s a real sentiment that you might have. 

To answer this question, let me propose a challenge to you: 

I want you to plan every second of the rest of your day. And everything has to go according to plan. 

If it does, you’re probably just lying on the couch doing nothing. 

If it doesn’t… Good!

It’s not supposed to. 

We’re not supposed to know what happens next. I doubt our tiny brains can handle that. 

So, if we can’t even handle today, we can’t control tomorrow. 

And the next day. 

And the next month. 

And the next year.

God has to deal with what’s in our hearts today because we can’t predict how it’ll affect us in the future.

In other words…

God needs to nitpick so we can achieve our God-given destiny.

Call to Action 

Are you doing something wrong? 

I’m not trying to accuse you. I can’t even be sure of myself. 

But I’d want to ask you, just like how I ask myself, what’s wrong? 

Talk it out with God. Just talk. 

Have a casual conversation with God. Because a lot of times, the most profound things we discover are in the simple conversations with God. 

God bless you and talk to God!

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