Self-Development Lessons: Hard Work Isn’t the Key to Success – Joshua 5:6

It isn’t how hard you’ve worked at your job or studying at school. It’s how hard you try to please God – the determinant of success.
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How to Achieve Seemingly Impossible Goals You’ve Been Chasing for Years?

Everybody has goals. These goals may span from your relationships and family matters to your career and financial goals.

Let’s take a look at financial goals because they are the easiest to explain tangibly. If you were like me, you would have been taught to set financial goals from a young age. Financial literacy is, fortunately, more common nowadays.

Here is a very brief, and decidedly lacking, long term financial planning tips:

  1. Save 15% of your monthly disposable income in a high-interest bank.
  2. Spend less than you can earn.
  3. Incur as little debt as you possibly can.
  4. Always pay your credit card bills on time to avoid compounded fees.

These are tangible goals you may work on every day to avoid financial bondage.

You also may have goals in the realm of your relationships, such as:

  1. Get married by the age of 28.
  2. Have dinner with the misses/mister every night.
  3. Have three kids.
  4. Earn enough money to allow elderly parents to have a peaceful retirement. (Though this last one is a hybrid of financial and personal goal).

Consistency is key,” is a common saying when you hear self-help “gurus “say, as they sit on their piles of money by selling you things you want to hear.

The saying is true. Don’t get me wrong.

Consistency and working hard being consistent makes achieving success likely.

I phrase it weirdly because of this:

Just because you are consistent doesn’t mean the world will be stable for you.

How God Intended You to Achieve Success

6 For the Israelites walked forty years in the wilderness, until all the nation, that is, the men of war who came out of Egypt, died because they did not listen to the voice of the LORD; to them the LORD had sworn [an oath] that He would not let them see the land which He had promised to their fathers to give us, a land [of abundance] flowing with milk and honey.”

– ‭‭Joshua‬ ‭5:6‬ ‭AMP‬‬

A land flowing with milk and honey.” A common way of describing success in Biblical times.

Don’t you want to live in the place flowing with your version of milk and honey?

And you can!

Just stop doing this thing:

Stop work hard.

What I mean by this is not to encourage you to be lazy; it’s to help you to work the right way.

In Moses’s times, before Joshua came onto the playing field, the Israelites frequently disobeyed God. To name a few:

  1. Asked for a golden calf so they could worship it.
  2. Complained about how boring manna is to eat.
  3. Continuously doubted the existence of a Promised Land.

And these were the Israelites who did not make it into the Promised Land.

In other words, these Israelites were not victorious.

What Joshua 5:6 Teaches You on Self-Development and Success

To succeed, you need to work hard to honor God.

You need to put in the effort to thank God.

It isn’t how hard you’ve worked at your job or studying at school. It’s how hard you try to please God – the determinant of success.

You can never get very far in life without the blessing of God.

You may know of some people who have made billions without ever believing in God, but is that true wealth? True wealth is beyond money and mundanity. [How to breakout of mundanity – Luke 16:1-13]

They may attain it, but they may not sustain it.

Call to Action

A touch of heaven can surpass a thousand years of hard work. Do this mindfulness activity:

Identify three areas in life in which you have goals you want to achieve. Then, ask yourself if you’ve been honoring God in those ways. (I.e., If you want God to bless your finances, you need to trust Him with your finances). If not, it’s time to let your guard down and trust God.

God bless you and honor God!

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