A Better You: Gratitude Grows You – Joshua 5:2

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“2 At that time the Lord said unto Joshua, Make thee sharp knives, and circumcise again the children of Israel the second time.”

– Joshua 5:2 NIV

When someone does something beautiful to you, if you are a kind person capable of empathy, your first instinct is likely to thank them.

When God does something in our favor, our first instinct is to, similarly, thank Him.

In Joshua 5:2, circumcision of Israel’s men was a common form of tribute to God for bringing their ancestors out of Egypt.

An expression of gratitude.

Circumcision isn’t necessary to show your devotion to God, according to the New Testament. It is about your intention. 

Just as circumcision was symbolic of the Israelite’s faith in God, there are other forms of showcasing our faith.

Here’s just a simple list of 5 ways to express your faith:

  1. Singing
  2. Dancing 
  3. Writing 
  4. Drawing
  5. Helping someone out of goodwill

The list goes on and on. In essence, doing Good and honoring God in the things you do is inherently a way of worship!

How Does This Apply to My Journey of Self-Development?

Learn to thank God for the big things and the little things.

We tend to forget to thank God for the little things in life.

Gratitude is not a feeling; it is a choice.

We need to make the conscious effort every day to thank God. When gratitude becomes a habit, it will make you a better person.

Why? Because you’ll become a magnet with your new-found positivity. God will know that you won’t take His blessings for granted. People will want to be around you because you’re the light of the room. They’ll open up to you because they know you won’t take them for granted and value them.

Call to Action

I will leave you with these mindfulness question as food for thought:

Think to yourself: 

1. Is there something I can do better in showing my gratitude to God? 

2. Is there something I can do better in showing my gratitude to the people around me? 

3. Are there things I can do to help strangers in need? Can I be better at showing people random acts of kindness? 

God bless you, and be grateful!

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