A Better You: For Those Who Have Clarity on Their Purpose – Joshua 3:5

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“5 Joshua told the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.’”

– Joshua 3:5 NIV

To achieve God’s miracles, you’ll need to sanctify yourselves.

But, what does sanctify even mean?

Sanctify means to set apart or declare holy. It means to separate yourselves from the world.

The bible tells us to draw a distinction between us and the world. It wants us to be set apart from what people think, what society thinks.

How Do You Sanctify Yourself If You Don’t Have a Purpose?

How do we set ourselves apart from the world?

Are we supposed to dress differently, or speak differently?

The bible isn’t talking about superficial differences. It talks about an underlying difference in our morals; it is something so deep-seated in us that differentiates us from other people.

Our purpose sets us apart from people.

Worldly people worship money, fame, pleasure, and all forms of other stuff. But God called us. We have a higher purpose: To be the salt and light of this world and to glorify God.

God gives us different gifts to achieve our purpose. To realize these gifts, we need some self-discovery.

But before all else, even before we know what our gifts are and how to use them, we need to live the way Jesus taught us to live.

That is the crux of this article – to live in a Godly way.

We need to be clear of ourselves. We need to live in a dignified way, to choose righteousness instead of evil. We need to choose to love and not to hate.

Prophetic Word

Some of you may have been dwelling on things you shouldn’t have.

I don’t write this to call you out and mock you. Rather, I write this to help you. God doesn’t want anyone to sin. It brings Him no joy to see His children do wrong.

Do the right thing, learn to let go and love, even if that means leaving a toxic relationship, or finding a new job that brings you joy.

Call to Action

For those who know their gifts, I want you to take a good look at it. Then, ask yourselves if you’re giving your all in loving God.

Be clear of what God’s intentions are for you in this season if you have the privilege of divine clarity.

This is so important because if you do what this privilege, it means that whatever God will do next can be easily confused with other worldly purposes.

If God blessed your finances but you lose sight of touching lives and end up living in unnecessary luxury.

For those we do not yet know their gifts, I want you to look at your lifestyle. Is there something that you are doing that doesn’t glorify God? Are you trapped in old mindsets that are detrimental to your walk with God? Something that helped you in one season may be damaging you now.

God bless you and take a good look at yourselves!

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