A Better You: Leadership Benefits of Waking up Early – Joshua 3:1

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There are many qualities that make a leader a good leader.

Leaders are not born; discipline and hard work mold leaders.

One trait that makes someone a good leader is their ability to see the big picture. Another one is the ability to plan. Another one is the ability to communicate. Another is…

There are multitudinous traits that make someone a good leader; all these things need discipline. And time.

Joshua Woke up Early to Lead

1 Early in the morning Joshua and all the Israelites set out from Shittim and went to the Jordan, where they camped before crossing over.”

– Joshua 3:1 NIV

There are many things Joshua does to lead.

Yet, the common denominator in the success of his plans is the time to plan.

Good leaders makes time to do things.

Scratch that, successful people make time to do things they value. Whether it is making breakfast for the family before going to work or running first thing in the morning, to be a better you, you’ll need to make time.

To lead a purposeful life, you’d need to make time for your routines.

Be honest, we know what we need to incorporate into our lives to be a better version of ourselves by the end of 2020. Yet, we don’t.

We procrastinate.

Why should we wake up early?

Getting a couple more hours of sleep after a long week’s work is sweet. I agree. Not a lot of things can beat a lazy Saturday.

But, waking up early isn’t about punishing yourself to do boring things. Waking up early and doing things is about getting into a routine.

Modern society, has trained us to hate routine, ironic. We’re all about freedom and flexibility now.

No more fixed work schedules.

Yet, we need a routine to fall back on when tough times come.

In an emotional crisis, how you manage it is to fall back on things that give you purpose. By ingraining a routine into your everyday life, it will make you a more self-actualized person.

Call to Action

So, what do you need to do to wake up early?


There are no hacks (except for tracking your REM cycle).

Do this mindfulness activity:

List the things you need to get done. Then, pray to God for discipline. Every single day. You need to speak discipline into your life.

God bless you and get into your flow!

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