A Better You: Scars from the past – Joshua 2: 17-18

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Song: Hosanna by Hillsong Worship

As the Word of God is a living text, people have different ways of interpreting these texts. So, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions down in the comments below! Remember to like and share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Tough Times Are Inevitable

If you have never been through tough times, then they might be just around the corner. I’m not trying to smite you, in fact, I thank God things are going well with you.

But if you have been through tough times, or are going through tough times right now, I’d just want to let you know you’re not alone buddy. We are in this together, hand in hand (whilst maintaining social distancing).

Through these times, we usually bring along some unwanted memorabilia that remind us of those times. These things may include a favorite spot you and your loved one used to hang out, or a old song that reminds you of something, or a smell that is soaked in bittersweet nostalgia.

Just like in Joshua 2:17-18, the red cloth tied onto the winder from which the spies escaped was Rahab’s souvenir.

Whatever they are, these things are an anchor to your past.

As we grow up, our past gets heavier and heavier. Sure, we give our burdens to God, but that doesn’t mean we will forget all about what happened in the past.

How Do I Forget about the past Things That Hurt Me and Move on with My Life Completely?

First things first, unless you have been diagnosed with diseases linked to memory loss, there is no certain way to completely forget something.

It’s too late to forget something the moment it happens to you; the moment you experience something, new synapses formed in your brain are there for a long time.

Most times, when you forget about something, it’s probably because you haven’t activated that synapse for awhile.

But why would you want to forget about those tough times?

In 2 Corinthians 12, Paul refers to a mysterious trait he posses that he considers a ‘thorn in his flesh’. Yet, he doesn’t want God to remove it.

We all have a thorn in our flesh that makes us anxious, it gives us no peace of mind.

The parallel between Rahab and Paul is that these thorns are reminders of hard times, yet they don’t dwell on the agony.

Have you ever encountered one of your worst nightmares cum reality and God turned it into something you thank God for every day?

I know I have.

It could have been about a boy you’ve been praying to love you back, only to find out he’s not the right one for you. It could have been about that house you and your wife were looking at which turned out to be structurally unstable. It could have been that business project that was promising, only to find out those people were involved in some bad things that would have resulted in more debt.

Whatever it is, God uses today’s tough times to get through tomorrow.

Prophetic Word

Some of you may have an anxious personality and can’t bear to let go of something.

God is telling you to let go.

Holding onto it is causing you more pain than letting go would ever incur.

Once you realize this and let go of the things that are toxic to your growth, you are one step to being more emotionally self-aware.

Introspection is a personal development activity that we all need to step into a more purposeful life.

Call to Action

Do this mindfulness activity:

Think about one tough time in your life, find a new way to thank God for it.

God bless you and stay home everyone!

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