A Better You: Too Good to Be True – Joshua 2:1

Song of the Week

Song: King of Kings by Hillsong Worship

As the Word of God is a living text, people have different ways of interpreting these texts. So, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions down in the comments below! Remember to like and share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

“1 Then Joshua son of Nun secretly sent two spies from Shittim. ‘Go, look over the land,’ he said, ‘especially Jericho.’ So they went and entered the house of a prostitute named Rahab and stayed there.”
– Joshua 2:1

When Joshua told the spies to “Go, view the land, especially Jericho”, people tend to skimp past the fact that Jericho was not the only plot of land the Israelites were going to conquer then.

Jericho was one of the many lands God has given into the Israelites’ possession.

This week’s message is about how to manage your blessings.

How Will This Benefit Me?

In the arduous and confusing journey of Life, there will be ups and downs. And sometimes, things are just going right.

Everything is going swell! It’s finally your time for peaceful weather.

Ironically, a lot of people tend to forget God’s goodness in the midst of His provision. We tend to take for granted somethings that God has placed in our lives.

But just like how the good seasons are inevitable, trouble lurks around every corner.

Therefore, I want you to do this:

Be mindful of all the good things that God has done for you in this season, whether it is winter or spring.

Be emotionally self-aware to catch yourself taking things for granted and then changing your mindset!

Then, in the next low seasons, look back on these good things that God has given you; use them as motivation to go one; if God blessed you once, He will surely bless you again.

By looking at the many plots of land He will give you, it will still your anxious heart.

This is how to manage your emotional crises.

Prophetic Word

Things are not what it seems when things are going well.

Do not take the little and simple things for granted for they are the hardest to earn.

Remember to be grateful and worship the provider every single day. If He can give it, He can take it.

And assuredly, He wants the best for you. He wants you to choose Him so He can provide the best for you.

Call to Action

Do this mindfulness activity:

Be present in the moment right now. List every little thing to be grateful for right now. Only the little things, no big things yet. 

I don’t think you have enough paper to list them all.

God bless you and stay safe in these trying times!

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