A Better You: Peace in the Problems – Joshua 2:7

Song of the Week

Song: Echo by Elevation Worship

As the Word of God is a living text, people have different ways of interpreting these texts. So, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions down in the comments below! Remember to like and share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Peace in the Problems

When the kings found out the spies were hiding in Jericho somewhere, he sent out pursuers to look for them. After they looked everywhere in the city and still couldn’t find the spies, they went out of the city gates to continue the search.

This presented a unique opportunity for God to work – the spies were still hiding in Rahab’s house while the pursuers were locked out of the city gates.

God gives all who seek Him peace in their problems that are separate from their circumstances. But on top of this higher peace, God reassured the spies with their circumstances by giving them safe physical refuge in Rahab’s house. They got to enjoy the comfort of shelter and possibly warm food and clothes.

Caught in a Pickle

We can learn to be like the spies in the COVID-19 situation. We have warm food and clothes in these trying times. We are so fortunate to be able to tide the virus over in the comfort of our own homes.

On top of the current COVID-19 climate, draw peace from God. The peace that comes from above cannot be taken away by things around us unless we let them.

Learn to count your blessings and thank God every day for them.

Thank God for His goodness and mercy He has shown to you and your family.

It’s funny how God provides deliverance in the unlikeliest of situations.

Call to Action

Do one thing to let the people you are quarantined with know that you are grateful for them.

If you’re quarantined along, video call your loved ones to let them know you are grateful for the love they’re sending from far away.


God bless you and remember to stay healthy!

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