A Better You: Help From Unlikely Places – Joshua 2:6

Song of the Week

Song: Lord Send Revival by Hillsong Young & Free

As the Word of God is a living text, people have different ways of interpreting these texts. So, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions down in the comments below! Remember to like and share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

When people talk about how God saved them, you would imagine that it’s something grand, something huge, something that is out of this world.

God is the God of the grand, but even more so God is the God of the mundane.

It’s all normal for us to expect God to meet us in a very grande way. We expect Him to strike us with lightning as a sign for something, or talk to us through our dog.

But this makes us miss out on the miracle is that he’s trying to do every single day.

Every day has miracles, be it big or small. And every day is a miracle.

An Unexpected Miracle

In Joshua 2:6, Rahab hid the Israelite spies in a huge stack of flax.

From the Amplified Bible translation, it tells us that flax in those days was used to make linen. Linen was also usually dried on the flattop roofs because it was convenient.

The flax wasn’t meant for hiding. It was meant for making linen. Its specific purpose was totally different from what they used it for.

You may look at something and say to yourself, “No way God will make use of _______ to do great things. It’s just too insignificant.”

When you feel that way, it is the enemy trying to blind you. Don’t let him win.

God always meets us in the most unimaginable ways; His ways are higher than ours.

In fact, it is exactly because it is so commonplace that it’s why it’ll be a big miracle.

Something so commonplace served to become Israel’s greatest miracle.

How Can This Help You?

Are you looking too hard at yourself, thinking you only have one specific purpose?

Perhaps, you’re not experiencing any new breakthroughs because your thinking is too rigid.

After all, God is a living God. Always changing but forever the same.

Prophetic Word

Some of you are too fixated on expecting God to split the skies and send His army of angels down to fight for you literally.

Though it is good to have faith that anything is possible with God, it’s also crucial to know that God doesn’t need to do all that to meet your needs.

Like how that bleeding woman merely touched the corner of Jesus’s cloak to be healed, all you need is a touch of God.

Remember that God is mighty, even in humble things.

Call to Action

This week, I would like you to do one kind thing for someone. Something that you don’t normally do for them; step out of your way to bless them.

Then, God will step out of His way to bless you too.

God bless you and stay home!

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