A Better You: Getting Back at Someone – Joshua 2:4-6

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Have you ever been in a position of power, even if it was just for a moment? And in this position, you could get back at all those people who wronged you. You could make them feel the same way as they did to you.

If you were in this position, what would you do?

Would you give in to temptation and get back at them? Or would you say no to yourself and let bygones be bygones?

In Joshua 2:4-6, Rahab was in a position to give up Jericho’s enemies. They may not have wronged them yet, but they were planning to destroy the city.

She could have saved the entire city of Jericho and been praised by the king. She could have had her reputation cleaned and all her crimes pardoned. She could have been a hero.

Yet, she didn’t.


Perhaps it was her inmost being having a quiet conversation with God, nudging her to not betray the spies.

Looking back, if she has given them up. Not only would God still have destroyed Jericho (because God always finds a way), but Rahab would have probably been punished badly by God.

Her hurrah would not have lasted long.

Do You Have Power?

Anyone who is in a position to cause a disruption or change within their own spheres of influence have power.

In that case, have you ever been in a position to cause some change? More specifically, a bad change.

If you’re ever in a position to get back at our enemies, just think of Jesus.


Jesus, in the midst of his persecution, where the Pharisees mocked and tortured him, chose to not more a muscle. (He only did when the name of the Lord was being tainted/challenged).

Yet, when Jesus was personally attacked, he didn’t rebuke them, or fight them, or summon lightning to turn them into bacon.

No, Jesus was sure of himself just as he was sure of God’s plans for his life.

He knew that what those people said could not destroy the plans God has for His life; they fulfilled those planes instead.

Similarly, when someone was nasty to you, and now you’re in a position to fight back, do what Jesus did: Give it to God and move on.

How Can This Help You?

Remember who we are in God: We are made to be the salt and light of this world.

It’s easy to get revenge, but it’s harder to keep your mouth shut and hold your head high.

God said we are set apart from this world for His greater purposes. Since we are set apart, we need to do things differently than those living in this world to get them to believe. We need to show the world that we are forgiving and kind; not to be trampled over.

Prophetic Word

For some of you, somebody close to you hurt you, and now your in a position of power.

I urge you to forgive and forget them, but be firm in your faith. Do not let them disrupt your walk with God.

Perhaps, it’s time to be the bigger person again and patch things up; your relationship so much more precious than a petty argument.

Call to Action

Are you in a position of power now? If so, instead of looking for the people you can get back at, look for people you can bless with your influence!

God bless you and continue to love!

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