A Better You: How Do People Always Know When to Attack You? – Joshua 2:3

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Have you ever had a week that was peaceful?

Then, BAM! Sunday struck.

Your boss calls you at 1 am. Your son started to puke. Your rent is due and you have no idea where you placed your money. Your mother-in-law calls you and asks for money. Your own car broke down. You hurt your shoulder sleeping…

Have you ever had one of those days that was just absolutely s-… unpleasant?

How does the enemy even know when to strike you? I wonder to myself all the time.

Perhaps Rahab has an answer for us:

In Joshua 2:3, the King finds out that Rahab has been hiding the Israelites spies.

How did the King know? We don’t know. Perhaps, Rahab’s reputation precede her? Has she always done things like that?

Maybe she has always been a pain in the neck for the King.

Maybe we’ve always been a pain in the neck for the enemy too. That’s why our lives are difficult.

The Enemy Hate Your Righteousness.

Unlike God, who rewards us with our righteousness. The things the enemy can do to us will never even come close to the blessings that God has in store for us.

Keep on doing the righteous things like Rahab.

She was presented a choice: Give the spies up to the King and be spared by the King or keep the spies safe so that a maybe-all-powerful God won’t destroy her.

In this moment, there was something in the downright inside of her told her: Choose God.

People’s blessings run out. God’s blessings don’t run out.

Prophetic Word

Is there someone attacking you, be it in the office, your friend group, or even in your family?

You might be on edge right now. You may even be thinking of getting back at them today.

But God wanted me to tell you: Do the right thing. Do what God has called you to do. Do what you would do to them as you would do to someone you love.

No, do to them what Jesus did to the Pharisees.

Be the bigger person.

How Can This Help You?

By becoming the bigger person, it does not make you submissive. It does not mean that you are a coward.

Sometimes, the courageous thing to do it nothing. The obedient thing to do is nothing.

Being the bigger person makes you a better person. It builds you up; it doesn’t tear you down.

That’s because you upheld the values you hold close and the values that God has placed in your life: Agape – to seek the best for those, even those who hate you.

That is true maturity.

Call to Action

Look deep in yourself today. Is there anyone coming against you and you want to take revenge on?

Ask God for his presence. Seek God before all else.

Seek God instead of seeking revenge.

To seek the worse for those who wronged us is not what God called us to do.

God bless you and seek God’s will first!

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