A Better You: The Secret to Success Is Secrecy -Joshua 2:1

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The Magic of Secrecy

There are some things in your life that have to be done in secret.

Some people get jealous and try to trip you because they can’t get out of their own laziness to start chasing their dreams.

Other people just don’t want to see you succeed. So, they’d rather leave you than stay around and watch you.

But let me tell you something: It doesn’t matter what people want for you; God does what He wants for you!

“The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?”

– Psalms 118:6 KJV

It’s been tested and found that if you want to have a better chance at succeeding, stop telling people about them. Stop telling people about your progress, your gains, your improvements. Keep it between you and God.

If you keep telling people as if you’ve made it, you’ll start to believe that you have actually made it when you haven’t.

You get complacent and let your guard down.

Then, you start to laze around for a bit. Minutes turn to hours, hours to days, weeks to months.

When you realize what you’ve done, it’s already too late.

Don’t let complacency get in your system.

Don’t get me wrong when I say don’t tell anyone about your success. What I mean is that you shouldn’t tell everyone every little detail.

For example, if you’re a writer like me, don’t complete one paragraph and spend the rest of your time telling people about it. Instead, tell them when you published your post/book. Tell me when you finished your project. Tell them when you had a win.

God Does Things in Secret Too

God doesn’t like to do things publicly.

Although there are many miracles that were done for all to see, they didn’t begin in public.

A lot of things God does in your life starts off in secret. It starts off in the recesses of your mind and the deepest parts of your heart.

These miracles are not formed publicly, they were executed publicly.

God has His way of doing things. Most of the time, He needs to keep them secret from you so you don’t jeopardize His plans. Because if you knew you were destined for great things, you would start to cut corners and slack off.

Maybe it is in the midst of uncertainty do you start to work harder, start to rely on God harder. At least, I feel I am guilty of that.

Maybe that’s why there are some things God is keeping in secret to stop you from growing complacent.

Don’t let complacency get in your system.

Call to Action

Don’t tell people about your success, even your loved ones.

Instead, journal your progress and tell God about it (even though He already sees).

Don’t draw your encouragement from other people. Let your journal be it instead. You’ll feel happy about the growth you’ve made thus far.

God bless you and have a blessed day!

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