A Better You: A Better You: Choosing the Right Crowd – Psalms 26:4

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Beware of Who Is around You

Ever heard of the idiom ‘bird of the same feather flock together’?

It may be a secular saying but scripture tells us the same things.

“I do not sit with deceitful or unethical or worthless men, Nor seek companionship with pretenders (self-righteous hypocrites).”

– Psalms‬ ‭26:4‬ ‭AMP‬‬

It’s an ongoing challenge to surround yourself with well-meaning, kind-hearted people and stay away from mean-spirited, deceitful people.

The truth is that you can almost never tell what a person is like at one glance. Sure, there are books and workshops that promise you the ability to read people’s clothes, body language, and faces. The truth of the matter is that all these things are superficial and can be covered up.

A person’s inner character is often reflected on their outward appearance overtime.

Someone who’s aware and a victim of this can cover them up.
After all, we can never see a person’s heart. We will never be certain of somebody’s innermost desires. It’s all too human behavior to keep our deepest, darkest desires to ourselves.

Who Are My Real Friends?

Humans aren’t perfect. Therefore, real friends aren’t perfect either.

An erroneous ideology perpetuated in this generation is that your closest friends will never hurt you.

That’s false.

Your closest friends will never hurt you for their own selfish gain.

What I mean is your closest friends will never want to gain at your expense.

Yes, they may have hurt you when they told you your boyfriend was cheating on you.

Yes, they may have hurt you when they told you she wasn’t worth it.

Yes, they may have hurt you when they told you your coworker has been backstabbing you all this while.

But the evil intention never stemmed from within them.

Real friends are those who want to be your friends despite your flaws. Real friends are those who stick with you through thick and thin. Real friends are those who want nothing but the best for you.

However, the most important truth is this: God is your closest friend.

Who Should I Stay Away From?

Those who lie and cheat are people you should be wary of.

People who gossip with you are likely people who gossip about you.

When they tell you about how they lied to get what they want, and the people they backstabbed, they may be doing the exact same thing to you.

Stay away from people who are “self-righteous hypocrites” and “unethical”, because when they don’t have boundaries they won’t cross to get something, that means they won’t have a reason to uphold your friendship either.

Call to Action

Use Jesus as your litmus test.

Not only should you pray about who to trust with your secrets, you also need to pray about becoming a better you, so you’ll be a better friend.

Try to observe the Jesus-characteristics that people demonstrate. It’s easy to fake it, but it’s not easy to sustain it especially so in times of tribulations.

But remember, before all else, seek God.

God bless you and keep your eyes peeled!

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