A Tome For Thinkers #1: Slaughter House Five by Kurt Vonnegut

Hello everyone! I’ll be starting new updates for books which I think are great books. I, for one, prefer to read books with a deeper real world application and morals to decipher. Thus, if you’re into self-improvement, this series is for you!

Okay no more delaying, I shall start with my review on this book.

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Slaughter house five starts with a little bit of background of the author. I’m not talking about the prologue; I’m talking about chapter 1. It was an interesting new concept that I had trouble grasping. But that’s not where the interesting part comes is.

The real story starts in chapter 2, when Vonnegut first introduced the protagonist: Billy Pilgrim.

This is a story about a man who “becomes unstuck with time”.

I first read it as unstrung with time. I think what I misread made more sense; time is tangled with our. It is what makes our human experience the way it is.

What if time was written differently?

What if you were to die before you ever lived? Would you live differently?

That was exactly what happened to Billy.

What if you never experienced that one thing that grew and molded you into a better person? What if you experienced it in the wrong point of your life? Would that have embittered you instead?

Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughter House-Five was written in a solemn and despairing manner, but it inspired me to breathe.

As a believer of Christ, the things we go through are God-ordained; they happen just the way they should. Life is funny like this. The hurts and heartaches we go through are meant to let us have a better tomorrow.

This book made me think of how God uses our failures and setbacks to improve us.

If I knew of my future, and it was one where I was successful and happy, would I still had worked towards my goals? Or would I get complacent and inevitably stray off the path of righteousness?

We were created to have free will, and therefore we can miss God’s purpose if we don’t obey Christ.

In essence, this book taught me to be grateful for everything I went through. The past may not have been kind to me, but it taught me to be kinder in the future.

Ratings: 8.9/10

Would I recommend this book?: Definitely

God bless you and be a kinder you!

– Tobias

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