Taiwan #1: Day 1 and the first AirBNB

Hey guys!

Last December, my friends and I packed our bags and went to Taiwan for our graduation trip. We’d been planning this trip since June of last year. Taiwan is the go-to place for asian kids to go, well at least from where I’m from. We went to Taiwan for 13 days in total. We didn’t plan to travel like tourists with hectic schedules. Rather, we planned to be laid-back travelers who took their time to eat and have fun.

We landed in Taiwan on 18th December at around 6pm.

Let me just say that even the convenient stores in Taiwan are waaaayyyyyyyy better than what we have at home. I mean, just look at this.

They sell sushi and steamed foods that Chinese people call “Yong Tau Foo”. Like, come on! That’s insane! If I were to live in Taiwan, I’d have a tragic waistline. (Not to body shame anyone)

We then took the high speed rail from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Main Station, where we took the metro to YongAn Market Station.

I stand in the bogie, looking out the windows. The city skyline flashes pass me, light from nearby houses and apartments become streaks of lights while faraway buildings seem to have grown legs and began to run in the other way.

Then it hits me, like it always does. This is someone else’s home. I’m trespassing in somebody’s territory. An unwelcomed guest entering a foreign land out of his own will, out of curiosity.

The sense of wander and adventure fills me. Adrenaline becomes steroids for the next few days. Suddenly, every intricate detail of every corner under every city block seem grandiose. Life goes on on the other side of the world. And life thrives, even when we’re not around to see it.

God’s mighty had created the world, not only mine nor yours, but everybody’s. It humbled me to see how God, the divine architect, planned out every little detail of every nook and cranny for every single soul to experience life to its fullest.

Our AirBNB was an apartment hidden deep within the YongAn neighborhood (look at the display picture).

Neighborhoods here are exactly as seen on Taiwanese shows. It’s truly beautiful. There is a kind of elegance and wander that exists here within the maze of old and run down buildings, where lives were, are, and will be lived out. It’s literally a maze of gorgeous houses. I’ve gotten lost in these neighborhoods so many times that I had to google maps exactly where I need to go before I set off, or else I’ll go astray.

I’ll be writing travel blogs about Taiwan in an indefinite amount of parts because I don’t want to post by days, but by sights and things Taiwanese in general.

I’m so in love with Taiwan, you guys. I can’t wait to share more about it with you!

I’ll be keeping my posts short from now on. Bite-sized everything is the new craze.

God bless you and may grace be with you.

– Tobias

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