Thai Lion Air and The Gloria Suites, Jakarta, review


I recently went to Jakarta for a quick getaway with my mom. I’ve been so busy with studies and other things that I haven’t had the privilege to spend time with my dearest mother. We went to Cambodia once, just the two of us, and it was fun, being away from my sisters and other entities in our lives that make us want to escape every moment of everyday. Maybe I’ll talk about is some other day.

We took Thai Lion Airways for the first time. It’s part of the Lion air group. It’s a relatively new airline. Apparently, there was a crash about a month before our trip – there were no survivors. This vital piece of news was one I did not have when I booked my flight. Note to self, always research on an airline’s safety record and always choose the safest one regardless of price. Life’s too precious to go out like that.

I would not travel with Lion Air group ever again, upon hearing this because the incident was caused by carelessness on their part. Although the service was average (could be worse), the plane was relatively dirty.

For our accommodation, we stayed in The Gloria Suites in Grogol. It’s what you’d expect from a 3 star hotel: dirty bedsheets, average service, bad ventilation with smells of smoke, and not the cleanest toilets. But, it was only US$30 per night and there was free wifi.

The room is small. The toilet’s in the living room and the bedroom is behind the door.

However, it’s decent for a 3 star hotel at US$30 per night. Just remember to bring your own everything!

Overall, it was a great trip with my mom because quality time was really all I was aiming at. But, if the aim of your trip is to relax, I suggest spending a little more to get a room in a beach side resort.

That’s all I have for you! God bless! Live a little, live a lot.

Love, Tobias Blackwell.

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